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FPL Buffer Zone


For planning purposes only.


FBZ will be established around relevant special areas in order to maintain a minimum distance between flight planned trajectory and special areas boundaries. Flight plans containing routings passing through an active FBZ will be rejected by IFPS.

Vertical limits: FL 95A; except LKTSA 1–7 (with OAT activity): GND – FL660

Horizontal limits: LKTSA 1–7 (with OAT aktivity): 5.0NM
LKTSA 42–49, LKTRA: 5.1NM
NOTAM areas: N/A

See more: AIP ENR 5.2


Airspace Users shall plan their trajectory around airspaces (i.e. restricted areas including FBZs) that are not available for civil operations by using FRA Intermediate points published in ENR 4.1 / ENR 4.4.

Daily Airspace Use Plan and its updates - EAUP/EUUP is used by IFPS for flight planning validation purposes and it should be considered the main information source to notify airspace users about the status of airspace structures.

Valid EAUP/EUUP is available to airspace users on NM NOP Portal.

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