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FRACZECH - Planning - Y/Z flights

Not all possibilities are displayed.

You are free to plan different routings as long as you follow FRA rules (stated in the AIP and RAD), anyway displayed options are preferred by ATC.

Closest points to AD chosen as examples, with no planned activation of TRAs/TSAs.

In case of planned activation of TRAs/TSAs, change your FPL accordingly (change to VFR prior to/after TRAs/TSAs).

Orange TMA DCT structure – mandatory up to FL165, but you may follow it at FL165A as well (except ARTUP and DOBEN = they are not (I) points). Lower limit of DCTs via OKL is FL65.

Have you got any question? Contact us at (give us at least 2 working days to respond, so do not expect immediate help with filling the FPL before departure).


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