SUP 5/21
Publication date: 11 MAR 21
Effective from: 22 APR 21
Effective to: UFN
Part of VFR manual affected by this VFR-SUP: VFR-AD-LKPR
The following VFR-SUP have been incorporated in this VFR-SUP and therfore cancelled:
The following NOTAMs are incorporated in this VFR-SUP and will be cancelled by NOTAM:
Praha/Ruzyne (LKPR) - RWY 06/24 closed, RWY 12/30 shortened.

Due to ongoing construction work, RWY 06/24 is closed to aircraft take-offs and landings. RWY 12/30 is shortened to 2950 m - THR RWY 12 is shifted by 300 m.

The validity of this SUP will be published in a NOTAM message.

1RWY 06/24 closed

1.1The following TWY sections are closed:

1.2The following radionavigation equipment will be out of operation during the closure of RWY 06/24:

2RWY 12/30 shortened to 2950 m, THR RWY 12 shifted by 300 m.

2.1The turning point at THR RWY 12 is not established. Take-off from RWY 12 is possible only from TWY D, TWY F and TWY G.

2.2 Temporarily shifted THR RWY 12:
ELEV 1166 ft / 355,4 m;
coordinates 50 06 23,04 N   014 14 55,34 E.

2.3PAPI 12 available, SALS RWY 12 length 420 m.

2.4Take-off from the intersection TWY P is prohibited.

2.5The following radionavigation equipment will be out of operation during the operation of shortened RWY 12/30:

2.6Declared distances for shortened RWY 12/30:

RWY designator TORA (m) TODA (m) ASDA (m) LDA (m)
RWY 12 2760 2910 2760 2950
RWY 30 2950 3010 2950 2760

2.7Declared distances for intersection take-off:

RWY designator From TORA (m) TODA (m) ASDA (m)
RWY 12 TWY D 2760 2910 2760
TWY F 2525 2675 2525
TWY G 2225 2375 2225
RWY 30 TWY R 2290 2350 2290

2.8Work in progress 250 m in front of the shifted THR RWY 12. Movement of people and construction equipment up to a maximum height of 3.5 m above the ground.

2.9To maintain operational safety, take-offs and landings on RWY 12/30 are not permitted at Runway visual range (RVR) below 550 m at any measuring point.