SUP 23/22
Publication date: 16 NOV 22
Effective from: 16 NOV 22
Effective to: 30 APR 23 16:00
Part of VFR manual affected by this VFR-SUP: VFR-AD-LKCS
The following VFR-SUP have been incorporated in this VFR-SUP and therfore cancelled:
The following NOTAMs are incorporated in this VFR-SUP and will be cancelled by NOTAM:
NOTAM: B2445/22
České Budějovice (LKCS) - obstacle in vicinity of AD

1Obstacle in the vicinity of AD LKCS - tower crane in the direction of RWY 27 approach, located at:

48 56 31,80N 014 27 07,50E (1 NM E LKCS)

2Height maximum 35 m AGL / 439 m AMSL, night marking.