SUP 2/23
Publication date: 12 JAN 23
Effective from: 12 JAN 23
Effective to: UFN
Part of VFR manual affected by this VFR-SUP: VFR-AD-LKZB
The following VFR-SUP have been incorporated in this VFR-SUP and therfore cancelled:
The following NOTAMs are incorporated in this VFR-SUP and will be cancelled by NOTAM:
NOTAM: B2942/22
Zbraslavice (LKZB) - RWY 15/33 temporarily narrowed

RWY 15/33 at Zbraslavice Airport (LKZB) is temporarily narrowed from 150 m to 80 m due to ploughing, leveling and restoration of grass on the SW side of the original RWY 15/33 along its entire length. On the narrowed RWY 15/33 intended for use, daytime markings are installed using threshold and side markers.