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UAS – Geo zones

Published geographical zones in the set of data files. The zones will be gradually supplemented according to their availability.


ZoneDescriptionFileSizeMD5 SUMEffective from
ADAerodromesair_ad.json31,63 kB310ecae1ef0a6dcbecaaa9e5304e9bda8. 9. 2022
HELHeliportsair_hel.json13,5 kB5ba2b0b2b47963b34ef6d5f412f9088c8. 9. 2022
SLZSLZ Fieldsair_slz.json20,26 kBd0c90ce73b841b623a708a105821e22624. 3. 2022
CTRControl Zonesair_ctr.json12,18 kB2f0bc69ecaff2e0eb06f89250063870830. 12. 2021
DDanger Areasair_d.json4,9 kB5375f86b37df68053438d9da58752d6e19. 05. 2022
PProhibited Areasair_p.json4,48 kBbeffc3a622309024718c651b59fba6c15. 7. 2022
PGZAreas for Tow Winch of Parachute and Hang Gliderair_pgz.json1,71 kB9e1bb3b81d203b34851f6e37849a3f3214. 3. 2022
RRestricted Areasair_r.json6,7 kBc87c28ae866198c865f2dc94e8dff00630. 12. 2021
TMATerminal Control Areasair_tma.json40,91 kB992e58fdd5f56f2a2c73d514698579da30. 12. 2021
TRATemporary Reserved Areasair_tra.json32,07 kBad7bd169c5affbcfd8ea748bc098d08825. 7. 2022
TSATemporary Segregated Areasair_tsa.json29,59 kBdb946016c0072e4ad96c7d7d97b7e91a17. 9. 2022
FIR LKAACzech Republic Flight Information Regionair_fir.json1,04 MBc3131949086724290fdd8f4ad708af1830. 12. 2021
AllAll Areas in ZIP Archiveair_all.zip27,36 kB77e8581da7beb810617c1f1861aa3f7917. 9. 2022

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You can find more detailed information in the Aeronautical Information Publication AIP and in the VFR manual. The AisView or DronView application can be used for visualization of aeronautical zones on the map.

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