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VFR-ENR-7Correction of reserved FREQ of TWR Ruzyně.LKBE – BenešovCorrection of LDA of RWY 06 and RWY 24.LKHB – Havlíčkův BrodNew TRAGA ZBRASLAVICE.LKCH – ChomutovNew LKD8.LKCT – ChotěbořNew TRAGA CHRUDIM, PODHOŘANY.LKCR – ChrudimNew TRAGA CHRUDIM, PODHOŘANY.LKKO – KolínNew TRAGA KOLÍN, ZBRASLAVICE.LKMH – Mnichovo HradištěStrength of RWY 06/24, local traffic regulations and restrictions, additional information, charges.LKNM – Nové MěstoLength of RWYs, magnetic directions of RWYs, declared distances, strip dimensions, VOC revision.LKPD – PardubiceNew TRAGA CHRUDIM, KOLÍN, PODHOŘANY, VYSOKÉ MÝTO, ZBRASLAVICE.LKPN – PodhořanyChange of contacts, new TRAGA CHRUDIM, PODHOŘANY, ZBRASLAVICE.LKPA – PoličkaNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKPO – PřerovRemoval of contact.LKSK – SkutečNew TRAGA CHRUDIM, VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKUO – Ústí nad OrlicíNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKVM – Vysoké MýtoNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKZB – Zbraslavicenew TRAGA KOLÍN, PODHOŘANY, ZBRASLAVICE.LKZM – ŽamberkNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKHRAD – HradčanyContacts, VOC revision.LKCHOC – ChoceňNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKCHRA – ChrášťanyNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKCHVO – ChvojenecNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKKEJZ – KejžliceNew TRAGA ZBRASLAVICE.LKKUNE – KuněticeNew TRAGA CHRUDIM, PODHOŘANY.LKLOUC – LoučeňNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKMILO – MiloviceNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKMLAD – MladáNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKNYMB – NymburkNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKOSIC – OsičinyNew TRAGA KOLÍN.LKVRAT – VrátkovNew TRAGA KOLÍN.VFR-HEL-1The amount of information about heliports has increased, VOC and ADC charts have been added. The information, though, is published electronically. The last set of heliports has been published electronically within the date of this AMDT. With regard to the heliports published electronically, only a list of heliports including location and information about DAY/NIGHT operation is published in the printed version.LK8070 – Brodek u PřerovaElectronic version of heliport.LKCA – České Budějovice - HEMS baseChange of Providing information to known traffic to AFIS, contacts.LKHR – Hradec Králové - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKHH – Hradec Králové - Základna HEMSElectronic version of heliport.LKCP – Chodová PlanáElectronic version of heliport.LKCU – Chomutov - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKCO – ChotouňElectronic version of heliport.LKCD – Chrudim - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKJE – JeseníkElectronic version of heliport.LKJL – Jihlava - Základna HEMSElectronic version of heliport.LKJR – Jindřichův Hradec - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKKE – KarlovElectronic version of heliport.LKKN – Karlovy Vary - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKKI – Krnov - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKKZ – Kroměříž - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKKJ – Kyjov - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKLA – Liberec - ACLElectronic version of heliport.LKLC – Liberec - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKLH – Liberec - Základna HEMSElectronic version of heliport.LKLO – LitoměřiceElectronic version of heliport.LKME – MělníkElectronic version of heliport.LKML – Mladá Boleslav - NemocniceElectronic version of heliport.LKOZ – Ostrava - Základna HEMSChart revision.LKPE – PelhřimovNew TRAGA ZBRASLAVOCE.LKPK – Praha 4 - KrčChart revision.LKPH – Praha 5 - MotolApproach and take-off directions.LKSL – Solnice - ACLNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKSV – SvitavyNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.LKTH – TěchonínNew TRAGA VYSOKÉ MÝTO.

The site you are visiting is electronic version of VFR Manual C.R. published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service. On 1st May 2014 this new publication replaced AIP C.R., VOL III (AD 4), validity of which has ended. The objective of VFR Manual C.R. is to provide LKAA airspace users with complete overview of rules and procedures important for VFR traffic in FIR Praha, information about VFR aerodromes and a selection of information important for VFR traffic on IFR aerodromes.

The nature of contents of VFR Manual C.R. published on the internet is informatory. Only information in printed form or on CD published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service, can be considered as official.