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Changes in this version

VFR-GEN-6-ATSModification of MCTR and MTMA;VFR-ENR-1-AIRSPACEModification of MCTR upper limits and MTMA lower limits;VFR-HEL-1New HEMS heliport Praha 10 - Vinohrady;LKBO – BohuňoviceNew LKTRA91;LKTB – BRNO/TuřanyMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of LKTRA10 and MCTR NÁMĚŠŤ, new HEMS;LKCS – České BudějoviceLateral limits of LKTRA74, 78, LKTSA22;LKHB – Havlíčkův BrodNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV;LKHC – HořiceMTMA I ČÁSLAV;LKHS – HosínLateral limits of LKTRA74, 78;LKHK – Hradec KrálovéChange of operating hours, taxiing in front of hangars 74 and HLS, changes of area status on ADC, MTMA I ČÁSLAV, MTMA I, II PRADUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKHN – HraniceLanding charges;LKCT – ChotěbořNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV, MTMA II, III PARDUBICE;LKCR – ChrudimNew MTMA I, II, III PRADUBICE, MTMA III ČÁSLAV, new SLZ field Kunětice;LKJI – JihlavaVertical limits of LKTRA17, MTMA II NÁMĚŠŤ;LKJH – Jindřichův HradecLateral limits of LKTRA78;LKKV – Karlovy VaryCorrection of call signs to PRAHA RADAR and VARY TWR, ADC chart revision;LKKO – KolínNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV;LKKR – KrnovRules for overflying the road near the threshold of RWY 12;LKKM – KroměřížNew LKTRA91, 92;LKKA – KřižanovNew MTMA I, II NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of MCTR NÁMĚŠŤ;LKCM – MedlánkyMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of LKTRA10;LKMH – Mnichovo HradištěLength of RWY 07/25, TODA RWY 07 and 25, cancellation of taxi restrictions on APRON T, adjustment of conditions for arrival/departure of aircraft of fire category higher than CAT 2, the addition of the aircraft stand W3, the elevations of the RWY 07/25 and RWY 08/26 THR, intermediate holding points on TWY A and TWY B, displaced THR of RWY 25 and CWY 25, the safety marking on APN W, change of APN H to APN S;LKOL – OlomoucNew LKTRA90, 91, 92;LKMT – OSTRAVA/MošnovADC chart revision;LKPD – PardubiceNew MTMA I, II, III PARDUBICE, MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV; new SLZ field LKKUNE, vertical limits of LKTRA73, names of VFR arrival/departure routes, ADC chart revision;LKPN – PodhořanyFuel, restaurant, new MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV, MTMA I, II, III PARDUBICE;LKPA – PoličkaMTMA II PARDUBICE;LKPR – PRAHA/RuzyněNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV;LKVO – PRAHA/VodochodyAdded label of TMA V PRAHA;LKPJ – ProstějovNew LKTRA90, 91, 92;LKPO – PřerovNew LKTRA90, 91, 92;LKPI – PřibyslavMTMA III ČÁSLAV;LKSK – SkutečNew MTMA I,II, III PRADUBICE; MTMA III ČÁSLAV; vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKSO – SoběslavLateral limits of LKTRA78;LKSB – StichoviceNew LKTRA90, 91, 92;LKSR – StrunkoviceLateral limits of LKTRA74, 78;LKUO – Ústí nad OrlicíMTMA II PARDUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKVL – VlašimMTMA II, III ČÁSLAV;LKVR – VrchlabíContacts;LKVM – Vysoké MýtoNew MTMA I, II PARDUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKVY – VyškovNew LKTRA90, 91, 92;LKZB – ZbraslaviceNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV;LKZN – ZnojmoMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ;LKZM – ŽamberkLateral limits of LKTRA73, MTMA II PARDUBICE;LKBUDK – BudkoviceMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of LKTRA10 and MCTR NÁMĚŠŤ;LKDOUD – DoudlebyLKTRA78 removed from the map;LKPRIM – Horní PřímMTMA I PARDUBICE;LKCHOC – ChoceňMTMA I, II PARDUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKCHRA – ChrášťanyNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV;LKCHVO – ChvojenecMTMA I, II PARDUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKKEJZ – KejžliceMTMA III ČÁSLAV;LKKRAM – KramolínLateral limits of LKTRA78, LKTSA22;LKKUNE – KuněticeMTMA I PARDUBICE;LKKVAS – KvasinyMTMA II PARDUBICE, vertical limits of LKTRA73;LKLOUC – LoučeňMTMA I ČÁSLAV;LKMILO – MiloviceMTMA I ČÁSLAV;LKMIRO – MiroslavMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of LKTRA10 and MCTR NÁMĚŠŤ;LKMIRA – Miroslav AirConMTMA I NÁMĚŠŤ, vertical limits of LKTRA10 and MCTR NÁMĚŠŤ;LKMLAD – MladáMTMA I ČÁSLAV;LKNYMB – NymburkMTMA I ČÁSLAV, added heliport CHOTOUŇ;LKVRAT – VrátkovNew MTMA I, II, III ČÁSLAV, added heliport CHOTOUŇ;

The site you are visiting is electronic version of VFR Manual C.R. published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service. On 1st May 2014 this new publication replaced AIP C.R., VOL III (AD 4), validity of which has ended. The objective of VFR Manual C.R. is to provide LKAA airspace users with complete overview of rules and procedures important for VFR traffic in FIR Praha, information about VFR aerodromes and a selection of information important for VFR traffic on IFR aerodromes.

The nature of contents of VFR Manual C.R. published on the internet is informatory. Only information in printed form or on CD published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service, can be considered as official.