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Changes in this version

VFR-ENR-7New SLZ field Kříženec, SLZ field Charvátce name changed, SLZ field Český Dub withdrawn.LKCS – České BudějoviceAD operating hours change.LKHD – HodkoviceSLZ field Český Dub withdrawn.LKHV – HořoviceLKTSA5 area withdrawn, new area LKTSA7.LKKL – KladnoTRAGA Kladno.LKKU – KunoviceLKP13 area withdrawn.LKLB – LiberecSLZ field Český Dub withdrawn.LKMH – Mnichovo HradištěSLZ field Český Dub withdrawn.LKMO – MostSLZ field Charvátce.LKOL – OlomoucChange of AD operating hours, change of charges.LKPC – Panenský TýnecSLZ field Charvátce.LKLN – Plzeň/LíněCharges change, LKTSA5 area withdrawn.LKPR – PRAHA/RuzyněTRAGA Kladno.LKPM – PříbramLKTSA5 area withdrawn, new area LKTSA7.LKRA – RanáSLZ field Charvátce.LKRY – RokycanyLKTSA5 area withdrawn.LKTD – TachovNew SLZ field Kříženec.LKZN – ZnojmoChange of contacts.LKBORE – BorekTraffic circuit elevation change.LKBRTO – BrťovTraffic circuit elevation change.LKBYST – Bystřice nad PernštejnemTraffic circuit elevation change.LKCAST – ČástkoviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKCDUB – Český DubSLZ field cancelled.LKDETR – Dětřichov OázaTraffic circuit elevation change.LKDOUD – DoudlebyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKDRUZ – Druzcov u LípyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKDUSN – DušníkyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKEXCA – Hatě ExcaliburTraffic circuit elevation change.LKHRAD – HradčanyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKCHAR – CharvátceSLZ Field Charvátce Sever (LKCHAS) changed to Charvátce (LKCHAR), traffic elevation change, new RWY.LKCHRA – ChrášťanyTraffic circuit elevation change, change of contacts.LKKOTV – KotvrdoviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKKRAM – KramolínOperator change, traffic circuit elevation change.LKKRIZ – KříženecNew SLZ field.LKKVAS – KvasinyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKLETO – LetoviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKLOMN – Lomnice nad PopelkouTraffic circuit elevation change.LKLUHA – LuhačoviceLKP13 area withdrawn, traffic circuit elevation change.LKMILO – MiloviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKMIRO – MiroslavTraffic circuit elevation change.LKMIRA – Miroslav AirConTraffic circuit elevation change.LKMIST – MístekTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY width change.LKMLAD – MladáTraffic circuit elevation change.LKNACH – NáchodTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY length change.LKNAPA – NapajedlaRWY width change.LKNYMB – NymburkTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY length change.LKOPAV – OpavaTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY width change.LKOSIC – OsičinyTraffic circuit elevation change.LKOSTR – OstrovTraffic circuit elevation change.LKPISK – Písek - KrašoviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKRAMS – RamšTraffic circuit elevation change.LKSLUS – SlušoviceTraffic circuit elevation change, LKP13 area withdrawn.LKSTRZ – StrážniceTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY dimensions change.LKSTET – ŠtětíTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY length change.LKTEPL – TepliceTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY length change.LKTERE – TerezínTraffic circuit elevation change.LKPAVL – Velké PavloviceTraffic circuit elevation change.LKVRAT – VrátkovTraffic circuit elevation change, RWY length change.LKSTIP – Zlín - ŠtípaTraffic circuit elevation change.

The site you are visiting is electronic version of VFR Manual C.R. published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service. On 1st May 2014 this new publication replaced AIP C.R., VOL III (AD 4), validity of which has ended. The objective of VFR Manual C.R. is to provide LKAA airspace users with complete overview of rules and procedures important for VFR traffic in FIR Praha, information about VFR aerodromes and a selection of information important for VFR traffic on IFR aerodromes.

The nature of contents of VFR Manual C.R. published on the internet is informatory. Only information in printed form or on CD published by ANS C.R., Aeronautical Information Service, can be considered as official.