1.1.1The VFR manual of the Czech Republic is published by authority of the Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic − AIM Centre.

1.1.2The information contained in this manual relates to pilots of VFR flights executed within airspace of the Czech Republic territory.

1.1.3Pilots of VFR flights intending to carry out international VFR flight shall be aware that this manual doesn’t contain rules and procedures that may be applied abroad and therefore they should consult the AIP or VFR Manual of the appropriate State.

1.1.4Pilots of VFR flights shall be aware that this manual does not substitute more comprehensive information contained in the  AIP CR.

1.1.5In the event of confliction between information in this manual and the AIP, information in the AIP shall be regarded as the authoritative source.

1.1.6Any changes affecting the contents of this manual will be amended on the appropriate AIRAC date – or as soon as possible thereafter.

1.2The VFR Manual structure

1.2.1Part 1 - General (VFR-GEN)

1.2.2Part 2 - En-route (VFR-ENR)

1.2.3Part 3 - Aerodromes (VFR-AD)

1.2.4Part 4 - SLZ fields (VFR-SLZ)

1.2.5Part 5 - Heliports (VFR-HEL)

1.3Contact in case of detecting errors or omissions

In compilation of the VFR manual, care has been taken to ensure that the information contained therein is accurate and complete. Any errors and omissions which may nevertheless be detected, as well as any correspondence concerning the VFR manual, should be forwarded to:

Air Navigation Services of the CR
AIM Centre
Navigační 787
252 61 Jeneč
fax +420 220 372 702