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LKSR - Strunkovice

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LKSR - Strunkovice

StatutPublic domestic aerodrome
ProvozVFR day, parachute jumping operation
ARP: 49° 04' 57" N, 14° 04' 33" E
9,5 km NE Prachatice
ELEV: 1565 ft / 477 m
Circuit: 2530 ft / 771 m AMSL
Provozní doba1 APR - 15 OCT
SAT, SUN, HOL 0700 - 1500
otherwise O/R
OlejMOBIL RACING 4T - 15w-50
HangárováníO/R, limited
Ubytování28 persons, telephone +420 603 283 116
Restauracesnack bar - during operational hours
Dopravatrain: Strunkovice nad Blanicí (1,2 km)
bus: Strunkovice nad Blanicí (1,5 km)
taxi: Prachatice (12 km), Vodňany (13 km)
Strunkovice RADIO123,505
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Customs and immigration clearance: NIL

The minimum height of aeroplanes above the village Strunkovice is 1000 ft / 300 m AGL.

    RWY Magnetic direction RWY dimensions Strength TORA TODA ASDA LDA
    15 152° 900 x 23 5700 kg / 0.4 MPa 900 930 900 900
    33 332° 900 x 23 5700 kg / 0.4 MPa 900 930 900 900

    Aeroklub Prachatice z.s.
    Strunkovice nad Blanicí 278, 384 26 Strunkovice nad Blanicí, telephone +420 388 327 124 (SAT, SUN 0600-1600) ,  akpt@seznam.cz

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    1Local traffic regulations and restrictions

    1.1Arrivals outside operational hours shall be arranged with AD operator in advance.

    1.2The traffic circuit altitude is 2530 ft / 771 m AMSL.

    1.3The minimum height of aeroplanes above the village Strunkovice is 1000 ft / 300 m AGL.

    1.4RWY could be unserviceable after prolonged rains.

    1.5Snow clearance is not provided in winter.

    1.6Arrivals and departures only in case of two-way radio communication. Arrivals and departures without radio only with agreement of the aerodrome operator.

    1.7During take-offs from RWY 15 and landings on RWY 33, the aircraft’s trajectory crosses the Strunkovice nad Blanicí - Protivec road. For safety reasons, this road must be overflown at a minimum height of 15 m from the lowest part of the aircraft or towed object.

    2Additional information

    2.1Arrival/departure of an aircraft with length greater than or equal to 9 m or with maximum fuselage width greater than 2 m is permitted only by prior agreement with the aerodrome operator (to arrange rescue and firefighting services).

    2.2Providing information to known traffic in Czech language only. Providing information to known traffic in English language O/R.

    3Charges for aerodromes

    3.1Landing charges

    Per tonne of MTOW 200,00

    3.2Parking charges

    Per hour and tonne of MTOW 2,00

    First hour free of charge

    3.3Charges for passenger service

    Parachutist per jump 40,00