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LKMH - Mnichovo Hradiště

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LKMH - Mnichovo Hradiště

StatutPublic international aerodrome
ProvozVFR day
ARP: 50° 32' 24" N, 15° 00' 24" E
3 km NE Mnichovo Hradiště
ELEV: 801 ft / 244 m
Circuit: 1805 ft / 550 m AMSL
Provozní doba0700-1500 otherwise O/R
Palivoaviation petrol: AVGAS 100LL, aviation kerosene JET-A1 O/R
OlejO/R - Aeroshell 15-W-50, ELF 100
HangárováníO/R, limited
ServisO/R, limited
Ubytováníhotels and boarding-houses in Mnichovo Hradiště
Dopravabus, train, taxi, official car O/R
Hradiště RADIO120,405
Důležité informace

Customs and immigration clearance:
MON - FRI O/R (letter, fax) 24 HR in advance, otherwise
O/R (letter, fax) 48 HR in advance.
The scope of the application for customs and immigration clearance in the form at  http:// www.lkmh.cz .

Do not fly over the villages of Březina, Hněvousice, Kruhy, Loukovec, Mnichovo Hradiště, Podolí and Sychrov.

    On the paved RWY operations of aircraft up to code marking 2B with MTOW not exceeding 25 t are permitted.

      RWY Magnetic direction RWY dimensions Strength TORA TODA ASDA LDA
      06 062° 1970 x 30 PCN 25/R/A/Y/T PCN 39/R/B/W/T 1970 2170 1970 1550
      24 242° 1970 x 30 PCN 25/R/A/Y/T PCN 39/R/B/W/T 1550 2030 1970 1550
      05 062° 1000 x 30 5500 kg / 0.8 MPa 1000 1060 1000 1000
      23 242° 1000 x 30 5500 kg / 0.8 MPa 1000 1060 1000 1000

      Aero-taxi OKR, a.s.
      Tanvaldská 345, 463 11 Liberec 30, telephone +420 485 105 040

      letiště - Letiště, 295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště, telephone +420 326 721 973, telephone +420 603 197 336, EN

      Providing information to known traffic - telephone +420 326 721 973, telephone +420 603 197 336,  http://www.lkmh.cz,  info@lkmh.cz

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      1Local traffic regulations and restrictions

      1.1TWYs C, D, E, F and apron N are closed for aeronautical operation.

      1.1On the paved RWY operations of aircraft up to code marking 2B with MTOW not exceeding 25 t are permitted.

      1.2Available length of paved RWY is marked with displaced THR markings.

      1.3Aerodrome traffic circuits

      1.3.1The traffic circuit direction depends on the operational situation and is assigned by officer of Pperson providing information to known traffic for particular aeroplanes. Nothern traffic circuits are used in preference.

      1.3.2Traffic circuit altitude is 1805 ft / 550 m AMSL.

      1.3.3Minimum altitude of final turn is 1149 ft / 350 m AMSL.

      1.3.4For training flights along traffic circuit at hight 500 ft / 150 m AGL southern traffic circuit can be used only.

      1.4Noise abatement procedures

      1.4.1For noise reduction flyover of villages Březina, Podolí, Mnichovo Hradiště, Loukovec, Kruhy and Sychrov is not allowed at flight along traffic circuit.

      1.4.1Do not fly over the villages of Březina, Hněvousice, Kruhy, Loukovec, Mnichovo Hradiště, Podolí and Sychrov.

      1.5Arrivals and departures of aircraft of fire category higher than CAT 2 only on request 24 HR in advance via unit Providing information to known traffic available on phone number telephone +420 603 197 336 or on e-mail:  ops@lkmh.cz.

      1.7For arrival and departure of aircraft without two-way radio contact the pilot-in-command shall receive prior clearance of unit Providing information to known traffic or AD operator.

      1.6Arrival and departure of aircraft without two-way radio contact only after prior clearance of unit Providing information to known traffic on telephone +420 603 197 336.

      1.9The ultralight aircraft operations are subject to approval of AD operator. Flights shall be conducted outside limits of neighbouring villages.

      1.7The aerodrome is not fenced. Enhanced caution is necessary during landings take-offs and taxiing due to possible presence of animals on movement areas.

      1.11In winter, pilots are requested to verify landing area conditions before landing on the aerodrome.

      1.8Operation of jet airplanes is permitted under conditions approved by the aerodrome operator.

      1.9The condition of movement areas in the winter is published by SNOWTAM.

      1.10Aircraft operation is not allowed outside of the published operation hours.

      2Additional information

      2.1Providing information to known traffic in Czech and English language.

      2.2The aerodrome is not equipped with PAPI.

      2.3Handling services

      2.3.1Order ground handling of aircraft at telephone +420 603 197 336 or by email:  ops@lkmh.cz.

      2.4Fire fighting and rescue service

      2.4.1CAT 2 in operational hours.

      2.4.2CAT 3 / CAT 4 OR.

      2.5Planning of flights to/from LKMH

      2.5.1Plan flights above FL 95 according to FRACZECH procedures, see  http:// https://aim.rlp.cz/en/fraczech/.

      2.6Taxiways (TWY)

      TWY designation Surface Width [m] Strength
      A concrete 15 PCN 39/R/B/W/T
      B concrete 10,5 PCN 39/R/B/W/T
      G asphalt 11,5 PCN 10/F/B/Y/T
      H asphalt 6,5 PCN 10/F/B/Y/T


      Designation Surface Dimensions [m] Strength]
      APN W concrete 190 x 50 PCN 39/R/B/W/T
      APN T asphalt 175 x 43 PCN 10/F/B/Y/T

      2.8The value of magnetic variation as of 12.1.2021 is 4°40´. The annual change is 0°9´.

      In case of combined VFR/IFR or IFR/VFR flights use in flight plans some of following routes:

      2.9Flights plans for combined IFR/VFR flights to LKMH:

      1. ... OMELO L620 ULNIP VFR DCT
      2. ... OMELO VFR DCT
      3. ... HDO M748 ULNIP VFR DCT
      4. ... TOMTI N869 OKX VFR DCT
      5. ... RASAN P861 ASTEL VFR DCT
      6. ... RAK P861 GOLOP VFR DCT
      7. ... GOSEK Z39 ULNIP VFR DCT
      8. ... TIPRU Z164 ULNIP VFR DCT
      9. ... DEKOV Z31 ULNIP VFR DCT

      2.10Flight plans for combined VFR/IFR from LKMH:

      1. VFR DCT LEMBI/NxxxxA(F)xxx IFR L624 HDO ...
      2. VFR DCT ARTUP/NxxxxA(F)xxx IFR P733 TOMTI ...
      3. VFR DCT ARTUP/NxxxxA(F)xxx IFR N871 LAGAR ...
      4. VFR DCT ULNIP/NxxxxA(F)xxx IFR Z146 BEKVI ...
      5. VFR DCT GOLOP/NxxxxA(F)xxx IFR P861 RAK ...

      2.11Aircraft can descend following one of the above mentioned routes up to MRVA see AIP CR, ENR 6-9.

      2.12Customs and immigration clearance

      1. on request at AD operator
      2. persons at the airport LKMH
      3. Cargo
        • import: Customs office Mladá Boleslav (transport is not arranged)
        • export: customs clearance at the nearest customs office, present Customs declaration at LKMH
      4. request submitted to AD operator shall contain the following information:
        • date of flight,
        • estimated hour of arrival/departure,
        • aerodrome of departure/destination,
        • type and registration mark of ACFT,
        • name of ACFT operator,
        • name, surname, date of birth and nationality of ACFT crew and passengers
      5. request is possible to submit by e-mail or by phone. Request form is available at aerodrome operator and on website of aerodrome.

      Charges for customs and immigration clearance: 150 CZK/person/service

      2.13Aerodrome category for rescue and firefighting services: CAT 2, CAT 4 O/R min. 24 HR in advance in operational hours of aerodrome.

      3Charges for aerodromes

      All mentioned rates are in CZK without value added tax. A detailed price list is available on the aerodrome's website  http://www.lkmh.cz

      3.1Landing charges

      Ultralight aircraft, gliders 200,00
      Aircraft up to 2 t MTOM 150,00250,00
      Aircraft over 2 t MTOM: 250,00 + (per each tone over 2 t) 320,00
      Aircraft up to 3 t MTOM 280,00
      Aircraft over 3 t MTOM - per each initiated tonne 250,00

      Landing charges for training (more than 4 landings in one flight) are charged with a 30% discount.

      3.2Parking charges

      Per each tonne and hour 10,0012,00
      Long-term parking (more than 2 days) - per tonne/day 70,0080,00
      Aircraft guarding - per hour 500,00600,00
      Aircraft guarding - per day 10000,0012000,00

      The first two hours of parking free of charge.

      3.3Charges for passenger service

      Passengers on departure 200,00
      Custom clearance - per person 200,00
      Immigration clearance - per person 200,00
      Per person 150,00
      Custom and immigration clearance per person (per each service) 150,00


      Extension of aerodrome operational hours - per each initiated hour: 500,00600,00

      Fire category increase - per first hour: 6000,00

      Fire category increase - per second hour and the following hour: 1700,00

      Detailed price list available on AD website  http://www.lkmh.cz.