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LKHK - Hradec Králové

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LKHK - Hradec Králové

StatutPublic domestic aerodrome / Private international aerodrome
ProvozVFR day/night, parachute jumping operation
ARP: 50° 15' 12" N, 15° 50' 43" E
4 km NE from the centre of town, east of the Labe river
ELEV: 791 ft / 241 m
Circuit: 1800 ft / 550 m AMSL
Provozní dobaMON-FRI 0700-TE (0600-TE)
(0700-TE (MAX 1800))
except 24-26 DEC, 1 JAN; otherwise O/R
PalivoAVGAS 100LL - during operational hours;
JET A1 - during operational hours
OlejTOTAL 15W-50, SHELL 15W-50, EXXON 20W-50 - MON-FRI 0700-1500 (0600-1400)
ServisO/R - by contract with Hradecká Letecká Servisní, s.r.o. with DSA a. s.
For types of aircrafts see article 2.4.
UbytováníO/R 24 HR
Restauracelimited at the AD, city Hradec Králové
Dopravapublic transport - number 15 and 25
Kral INFO122,005
Důležité informace

Customs and immigration clearance: O/R minimally 24 hours in advance. Visas are not granted.

Flights of powered aircraft above local villages below 1800 ft / 550 m AMSL are prohibited.

    Flights through ATZ at MNM 2500 ft / 830 m AMSL.

      RWY Magnetic direction RWY dimensions Strength TORA TODA ASDA LDA
      33L 331° 800 x 25 5700 kg / 0.7 MPa 800 830 800 800
      15R 151° 800 x 25 5700 kg / 0.7 MPa 800 830 800 800
      33R 331° 2400 x 60 PCN 33/R/B/X/T 2400 2460 2400 2400
      15L 151° 2400 x 60 PCN 33/R/B/X/T 2400 2460 2400 2400

      Letecké služby Hradec Králové, a.s.
      Piletická 151, 500 03 Hradec Králové 3 - Rusek, telephone +420 491 619 011, fax +420 491 617 699,  info@lshk.cz,  office@lshk.cz,  handling@lshk.cz

      AFIS - telephone +420 491 617 687, telephone +420 733 603 191

      Handling - telephone +420 731 658 193

      Ing. Pavel Rind - telephone +420 733 603 168, EN

      Ing. Tomáš Kvítek - telephone +420 733 546 039, EN

      Ing. Jaroslav Farkaš - telephone +420 733 652 273, EN

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      1Local traffic regulations and restrictions

      1.1Snow clearance of movement area is provided in limited extent.

      1.2The traffic circuits:

      1.2.1For powered aircraft:

      1.2.2For helicopters:

      1.2.3For gliders:

      1.2.4Arrivals and departures of flights outside the aerodrome and cross-country flights are carried out by tangent from the traffic circuit or according to coordination with the AFIS officer.

      1.2.5Parallel operation (simultaneous take-off or landing) on RWY 15L/33R and 15R/33L is not possible.

      1.3The traffic circuit altitude is 1800 ft/550 m AMSL.

      1.4Noise abatement procedures

      1.4.1Flights of powered aircraft above local villages below 1800 ft / 550 m AMSL are prohibited.

      1.4.2Flights through ATZ at MNM 2500 ft / 830 m AMSL.

      1.4.3Helicopter training flights in ATZ are allowed from Monday to Friday from 0700 (0600) to 1500 (1400) UTC on Saturday from 0900 (0800) to 1300 (1200) UTC. On Sundays and public holidays training flights in ATZ are prohibited.

      1.4.4Helicopters carry out mainly west traffic circuits. Do not practice emergency landings to the terrain in an area inside the traffic circuits.

      1.4.5The maximum number of aircraft in training in traffic circuits is 6.

      1.4.6For night flights minimum traffic circuit altitude is 2100 ft/700 m AMSL. Over the town Hradec Králové minimum altitude is 2500 ft/830 m AMSL. Flights in ATZ only up to 2000 UTC. After this time only en-route flights (arrivals and departures) are allowed.

      1.4.7For noise reasons night training flights of helicopters in ATZ are not allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

      1.4.8Carry out night training flights only in the eastern traffic circuit. The maximum number of aircraft in training in the traffic circuit at night is 4.

      1.4.9Parachute jumping flights are allowed up to 1500 (1400) UTC on Sundays and public holidays. Perform climbing for parachute jumping flights outside of the ATZ.

      1.5Arrivals and departures outside the operational hours

      1.5.1For users without valid letter of agreement, arrivals and departures only after permission by the aerodrome operator.

      1.5.2Requirements for serving individual arrivals and departures 24 HR in advance. Form - see  http://www.lshk.cz. Charges - see chapter 3.

      1.6Training of night VFR flights O/R minimally 24 HR in advance from AFIS unit. Form - see  http://www.lshk.cz. Charges - see chapter 3.

      1.7Due to intense traffic of local flight schools, consult arrivals and training flights in the ATZ with the AFIS officer.

      1.8Movement areas for night operation

      1.8.1For entry to RWY 15L/33R at night, TWY A, C, D are used.

      1.8.2For movement of aircraft and helicopters at night TWY A, B (between TWY C and TWY D), TWY C, and TWY D are used.

      1.8.3APN GA, M2 and M3 are approved for night operation.

      1.9Motion of aircraft and helicopters using its own propulsion on APRON S is possible only between TWY A and security border of the apron.

      1.10Area against TWY D - use a portion of the area behind the red line only for the necessary time to refueling.

      2Additional information

      2.1AFIS in Czech and English language.

      2.2Customs and immigration clearance

      2.2.1The request shall be submitted to AD operator at least 24 HR in advance and shall include following information:

      2.3Rescue and firefighting service on AD

      2.3.1CAT 2 - current category of the aerodrome for rescue and firefighting services (for airplanes with a fuselage length of not more than 12 m and a fuselage width of up to 2 m).

      2.3.2CAT 3 to 7 - O / R 24 hours in advance during the aerodrome operating hours (jet airplanes and airplanes with a fuselage length from 12 m to 49 m and a fuselage width from 3 m to 5 m).

      2.3.3Training flights of CAT 3 aircraft in traffic circuits shall be ordered 48 hours in advance.

      2.4Types of serviced aircrafts:

      2.5Do not enter manoeuvering areas without a warning vest, harness or high visibility clothing or fluorescent material.

      3Charges for aerodromes

      All mentioned rates are without value added tax.

      3.1Landing charges

      Ultralight aircraft 55,00
      Aircraft up to 1 t MTOW (including) 65,00
      Aircraft up to 2 t MTOW (including) 150,00
      Aircraft over 2 t MTOW - per each initiated tonne MTOW 205,00
      Charge for switching on the RWY lights (up to 3 aircrafts) - for each initiated hour 1440,00
      Charge for switching on the RWY lights (every other aircraft) 480,00
      Single switch on (for arrival/departure) - per 1 movement 2000,00

      3.2Parking charges

      Parking area: Aircraft up to 2 t - first day per each initiated hour (first two hours free of charge) 10,00
      Parking area: Aircraft up to 2 t - next days per each initiated day 120,00
      Parking area: Aircraft over 2 t per every tonne and initiated day 100,00
      Handling charges: ultralight aircraft 120,00
      Handling charges: aircraft 180,00
      Handling car usage (at the aerodrome) 120,00

      Handling car usage (outside the aerodrome) - negotiated price.

      3.3Charges for passenger service

      Security clearance of the crew and passengers 240,00
      Custom and immigration clearance of passengers for flights outside EU and Schengen area 120,00