8.Aeronautical information


8.1.1Obtaining a correct assessment of aeronautical information is one of the basic assumptions of safe conduct of the flight. Information relevant to the execution of the flight is particularly data on weather and weather forecasts but also operational information on the status of airports and facilities.

8.1.2Aeronautical publications Information Service (AIS) collects processes and publishes aeronautical information on the establishment and status of airports, facilities and services. provides the aeronautical information to:

  1. those involved in flight operations, including flight crews, flight planning and flight simulators; and
  2. the air traffic services unit responsible for flight information service and the services responsible for pre-flight information information service is provided by direct transmitting on the operational frequency or by automatic broadcast of terminal area (ATIS) and contains weather and traffic information to aircraft in flight.

8.1.3Aeronautical Information Products aeronautical information is provided in the form of the Aeronautical Information Products which are:

  1. Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) including amendment service to the AIP (AIP AMDT) and supplements to the AIP (AIP SUP);
  2. Aeronautical Information Circulars (AIC);
  3. Aeronautical charts;
  4. NOTAMs.

Note: Description and distribution of aeronautical publication is described in AIP GEN

It is used for information, mostly of a temporary nature, which must be immediately promulgated. Information is sent via the aeronautical fixed telecommunications network, thus ensuring a very rapid distribution. NOTAMs which became effective are available on the internet.

NOTAMs in the CR are issued in five series identified by letters A, B, X, Y. S series is designated for SNOWTAMs.

Series A and B are issued in English. Series X and Y contain the same text and the same numbers in the Czech language. Form of the SNOWTAM is published in ICAO Doc 10066, Appendix 4.

Issuance of NOTAMs/SNOWTAMs for VFR aerodromes is not fully ensured (they may be issued but it is not possible to rely on it). Therefore conditions on those aerodromes should be verified with the aerodrome operator before the flight.

  1. Series A (X): It contains all information related to the operations on the ATS routes and at aerodromes: BRNO/TUŘANY, KARLOVY VARY, OSTRAVA/MOŠNOV and PRAHA/RUZYNĚ.
  2. Series B (Y): It contains information related to the operations at all remaining aerodromes in the Czech Republic (see AD 1.3) and information that are not in series A (X).
  3. Series S (SNOWTAM): It contains information concerning hazardous conditions at the aerodrome due to snow or ice. SNOWTAMs shall be issued by all aerodromes with IFR/VFR operations.

8.1.4Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB)

Pre-flight Information Bulletins (PIB) contain a selection of valid NOTAMs retrieved from the database on the basis of the defined criteria. Depending on the requirements of the users, PIB could be provided in the form of

  1. area type bulletins
  2. route type bulletins
  3. aerodrome type bulletins

8.1.5PIB and NOTAM database are available at CARO Praha unit and they can also be requested via internet.

8.1.6VFR Manual

Information important for VFR traffic is published in this VFR Manual. VFR Manual includes selection of information from AIP, information about VFR aerodromes and information important for VFR traffic from IFR aerodromes.

8.1.7Dissemination of information Information Products and VFR Manual are published on the Internet at  https://aim.rlp.cz.

8.2Responsibility for the provision of AIS

The agency responsible for collecting information from the whole territory and airspace of the Czech Republic and their dissemination in the form of Aeronautical Information Products is:

Air Navigation Services of the CR
AIM Centre
Navigační 787, 252 61 Jeneč
 aim@ans.cz (address for communication with AIM, is not intended for sending requests for publication)
 podkladylis@ans.cz (address for sending of requests for publication of NOTAM, AIP AMDT, AIP SUP, VFR AMDT, VFR SUP)
 notof@ans.cz (address for communication with NOF)
telephone +420 220 372 816, telephone +420 220 372 817, (Head of AIM)
telephone +420 220 372 841 (Head of AIM Products)
fax 220 372 702 (AIM)
telephone +420 220 374 311, telephone +420 220 374 312(NOF - recorded telephones), AFTN: LKPRYNYX (NOF)
telephone +420 220 374 295 (Head of NOF)
telephone +420 220 372 833, telephone +420 220 372 834 (Distribution of AIM Products)

telephone +420 220 372 822 (Head of AIM systems and data department)

8.3Operational contacts

8.3.1Pre-flight information

Pre-flight information provision at particular aerodromes in the Czech Republic territory is ensured by relevant ATS provider (see hereunder) in the extent defined by AIP CR, GEN 3.1.5.

BRNO/TUŘANY airport ANS centre, ANS of the CR IBS  http://ibs.rlp.cz
telephone +420 220 372 735 (CARO Praha)

ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE airport Jihočeské letiště České Budějovice a.s. IBS  http://ibs.rlp.cz
telephone +420 220 372 735 (CARO Praha)

KARLOVY VARY airport ANS centre, ANS of the CR IBS  http://ibs.rlp.cz
telephone +420 220 372 735 (CARO Praha)

KBELY airport MIL ARO telephone +420 973 207 177
telephone +420 973 207 162
fax +420 973 207 377
fax +420 286 852 633
KUNOVICE airport AIS-TWR, Aircraft Industries, a.s. telephone +420 572 817 620
telephone +420 572 817 621
fax +420 572 817 639
OSTRAVA/MOŠNOV airport ANS centre, ANS of the CR IBS  http://ibs.rlp.cz
telephone +420 220 372 735 (CARO Praha)

PARDUBICE airport MIL TWR telephone +420 973 333 171
telephone +420 973 242 440
fax +420 973 242 097
PRAHA/RUZYNĚ airport ANS centre, ANS of the CR telephone +420 220 372 735 (the flight plans agenda)
telephone +420 220 374 138
telephone +420 220 114 100
telephone +420 220 374 101 (pre-flight information)
fax +420 220 374 251
PRAHA/VODOCHODY airport Letiště Vodochody, a.s. telephone +420 255 762 609 (Briefing)
fax +420 255 765 131