1.Aerodromes and SLZ fields - general


1.1.1For the purpose of the VFR Manual the aerodrome means territorially defined and suitably adjusted area including aviation constructions and aerodrome facilities, permanently designated for aircraft take-offs and landings and for aircraft movements related to that, and meeting the conditions for aircraft stated in Act 49/1997 Col. as amended, and requirements in regulations L14 (ICAO ANNEX 14). The agreement of the aerodrome operator shall be obtained in case of the use of private aerodromes/heliports.

Note: The CAA decides about the type of the aerodrome (see AIP CR, AD 1.4) and its change, keeps the aerodrome evidence, issues the permission to operate the aerodrome, approves the operational capability and supervises the compliance with conditions.

1.2SLZ fields

1.2.1SLZ fields serve for take-offs and landings of sport flying equipments. Its eventual use by aircraft is exclusively on the responsibility of the pilot-in-command where it is necessary to consider that these fields do not have to comply with the requirements of L 14 (ICAO ANNEX 14). The agreement of the field operator shall be obtained in case of the use of private SLZ fields.

Note 1: The LAA specifies the conditions for the use of the SLZ fields, registers the fields, keeps the evidence of the registered fields, approves operating rules and eligibility of the registered fields.

Note 2: VFR Manual of the CR does not contain information about all SLZ fields. Only those fields which are registered by the LAA CR, which were evaluated by the LAA CR as usable for regular operation and whose operator agrees with the publication are listed.

Note 3: The SLZ fields usually do not have the ICAO designator (ICAO Doc 7910), therefore a six-letter identificator was chosen in the CR composing of LK (ICAO deignator of the CR) and 4 letters from the field name. These codes can not be used in the flight plan. When inserting SLZ fields with six-letter identifier into flight plan, it is necessary to proceed like in the case of the aerodromes without assigned location indicator (see VFR-ENR-5).