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LKCO - Chotouň

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LKCO - Chotouň

StatutPrivate domestic heliport
ProvozVFR day/night
50 03 32,93 N, 014 57 27,87 E
2,1 km ESE Chrášťany
ELEV: 830 ft / 253 m
Provozní dobaHX
PalivoAVGAS 100LL, JET A1
OlejTotal Aero DM 15W-50, Total Aero 80, Total Aero 100, MOBIL JET OIL II
HangárováníO/R (when pre-agreed)
Záchranná službaCat H1
Choto RADIO132,210
Důležité informace
Approach: Take-offs:
VFR day 258°, 348° 078°, 168°
VFR night 258° 078°

The heliport has ATZ: circle with radius 3NM centered on 50 03 32,93 N 014 57 27,87 E, vertically from GND to 1000ft AGL.
ATZ penetrated by LKD2 area.
Chrášťany (LKCHRA) SLZ field situated in wester part of the ATZ.
Unless an individual written agreement has been concluded, other operators' helicopters may only use the heliport provided the written approval of the heliport operator (email or text message) has been given and only upon request, but not more than 12 hours before the scheduled flight time.
For day flights from and to the heliport, carry out the south-east traffic circuits around Vrbčany village with 080° or 170° take-off directions and 260° or 350° approach directions.
Night flight traffic circuit:
When taking off from the heliport, climb on track 080°, turn right to avoid Vrbčany village and continue along I/12 road. Then turn left avoiding Plaňany village to intercept heliport glidepath in direction 260°.
If the 260° approach is missed, climb and continue on track 260°, then turn left to intercept the left traffic circuit again. Carry out the circuit flight with respect to the published traffic circuit of SLZ field Chrášťany (LKCHRA).
The minimum circuit altitude is 1300 ft AMSL, the recommended traffic circuit altitude is 1700 ft AMSL.
Due to noise abatement measures, pilots are asked not to cross axis 08/26 extended to north (flights outside the village of Chotouň) and not to fly further over the surrounding populated areas (especially Chrášťany, Chotutice, Vrbčany, Plaňany villages).

surface-level heliport
value „D“ - 13 m
FATO – circle diameter 13,2 m, concrete, strength 6400 kg / 0,4 MPa
SA – circle diameter 26,4 m, asphalt
TLOF – circle diameter 13,2 m, concrete, strength 6400 kg / 0,4 MPa

WDI (30 m NW)
FATO: designation markings
TLOF: perimeter markings/lighting TLOF
A-PAPI: 5°
ALS: standard 90 m

Heliport lighting system control is provided locally from Choto RADIO (FREQ 132,210) or by remote radio control from the helicopter deck (by keying FREQ 132,210):
3x within 5 seconds - intensity 10%
5x within 5 seconds - intensity 30%
7x within 5 seconds - intensity 100%
All lights turn off automatically 15 minutes after the radio remote control command.

Charges: NIL

Customs and immigration clearance: NIL


1 WDI 50 03 33,65 N, 014 57 26,96 E 856 ft / 261 m night marking
2 hydrant 50 03 33,18 N, 014 57 27,40 E 837 ft / 255 m day marking

Emlerova 216, 507 23 Libáň

Ing. Tomáš Škrabálek (responsible person of the operator) - telephone +420 603 551 221,  info@helitom.cz

Ing. Václav Kunášek - telephone +420 777 414 422

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