SUP 26/22
Publication date: 16 NOV 22
Effective from: 16 NOV 22
Effective to: UFN
Part of VFR manual affected by this VFR-SUP: VFR-ENR-1
The following VFR-SUP have been incorporated in this VFR-SUP and therfore cancelled:
The following NOTAMs are incorporated in this VFR-SUP and will be cancelled by NOTAM:
NOTAM: A1248/22
Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ongoing military activity in Ukraine and the airspace along border Ukraine-Russia in the Moscow FIR, use of wide range of ground and airborne warfare systems which poses a high risk for civil flights operating at all altitudes and flight levels. All air operators and owners of aircraft registered in the Czech Republic shall not enter zones referred to in Conflict Zone Information Bulletin (CZIB) issued by EASA, which has to be continuously monitored. Additional risk assessment and flight planning decisions shall be taken before operating in the airspace Moscow (UUWV).