SUP 8/24
Publication date: 27 JUN 24
Effective from: 15 JUL 24 07:00
Effective to: 01 NOV 24 12:00
Part of VFR manual affected by this VFR-SUP: VFR-AD-LKPR
The following VFR-SUP have been incorporated in this VFR-SUP and therfore cancelled:
The following NOTAMs are incorporated in this VFR-SUP and will be cancelled by NOTAM:
PRAHA/Ruzyne (LKPR) - RWY 12/30 closed

From 15 JUL 2024 07:00 UTC to 01 NOV 2024 12:00 UTC RWY 12/30 is closed for take-offs and landings due to ongoing construction works. Taxiing and towing of aircraft subject to TWR approval and instructions. The related restriction of movement areas is published by a NOTAM message.

Stop bars on TWY D and TWY F for crossing RWY 12/30 will be out of operation during the closure of RWY 12/30.

Flight verification of lighting system and radio navigation equipment is permitted.